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Legally Branded by Shireen Smith

A common mistake business owners and branding professionals make when creating new brands, is to fail to consult a lawyer early enough. As a result they risk choosing names which infringe on the rights of others or are inadequate. By the time they discover this they have invested too much time and energy in the brand to want to change it. In these competitive times it's important to learn how to avoid such mistakes.

If your marketing team find ways to help your business stand out, it's essential to protect the branding element that truly set your business or product apart from the competition. That's how the likes of Coca-Cola have secured ownership of their iconic bottle shape and retained their distinctiveness.

Legally Branded is an accessible guide, written by an experienced lawyer. If you aspire to create a successful business without necessarily wanting to become the next Coca Cola, attend to intellectual property issues as this is how you create assets and increase the value of the business. Also, if you want to avoid infringing on the rights of others, and to get things right from the start, you will find this book to be essential reading.