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You are the most important person in the world. After all, with whom do you spend the most time? If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Any person who has ever achieved noteworthy success has always first been met with struggles and hardships. The key to unlocking your destiny is to believe in yourself by investing in your desired future. 
The 15 principles for success discussed in this book are the essential tools required to achieve above average results in any endeavor. No matter what your calling, or whom you aspire to become, this book is your guide to abundance. Know your value, know your worth. Be willing to accept with integrity whom you have to become in order to achieve greatness. We are creatures of habit, and there is much to learn. Be prepared for change and study this book with care. Invest In Yourself by beginning now in humble honesty.
"Mark Pezzelato is among the most inspiring people I have ever associated with. Invest In Yourself is a masterpiece of inspiration and a blue print for success. It is loaded with insight and valuable tools to expand your horizons." --Chuck (Spider) Jones - Award Winning Talk Show Host and Best Selling Author

Stories and Lessons from My Father's Life is a collection of true and beautifully written short stories.
Author, Mark Pezzelato, thoughtfully shares the struggles and lessons his father experienced in order to begin a new life of freedom and happiness for the future generations of his family. For his father, failure was not an option and because of this, he was able to push through the barriers where most people would have stopped. There is much to relate to in this little book of great wisdom.
Mark himself is wise and compassionate beyond his years. The heart he puts into each and every word he writes honours his father, family, and his heritage in an inspiring way, and engages the reader from beginning to end.
It is very evident that in all of Mark's non-fiction writing he cares deeply about helping others through his own life experience as well.
Stories and Lessons from My Father's Life will have you feeling many emotions-you'll be motivated and inspired-and you just might appreciate your loved ones a little more, reflecting on what we can learn and how we can help one another when we look at life through a fresh lens. Mark gives us this opportunity in Stories and Lessons.
Transforming who you are begins by exploring your inner being. Transformations: Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration leads the reader to an understanding of universal concepts and teachings. Each day with this book brings a new topic, inspirational quote, and reflection, providing basis for transforming one’s life. Awaken your life purpose, eliminate existing cravings and aversions, and be guided to the happy, prosperous, and fulfilling life you deserve.
Transformations traces the six phases of personal growth necessary to achieve a greater sense of self-worth, reduced stress levels, appreciation, acceptance, and an expansion of conscious awareness. Over the course of a year, Transformations is an effective day-by-day guide through the fundamental disciplines of thought, insights from ancient Chinese philosophy, feelings and choices, chakras and senses, and the wisdom of nature. By exploring your inner being and transforming to a more purposeful life, new possibilities of limitless potential will be opened to you. Now is the time to find your inner peace, fulfillment, and joy.