Podcast Episode #63 - Halfcast: Close Calls

This month's halfcast features Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob,  written by BJ Campbell and read by Alan Sain and Duane Allen.  For more information about this title, including links for where to buy it online, please visit the title listing page at http://www.openbookaudio.com/audiobook/close-calls.

Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob is a collection of twenty-six creative non-fiction short stories about courage, and what it takes to prove it. The Close Calls just bring it out in Cougar Bob. What does it take for North Idaho long distance runner, Robert L. Campbell, to get into the Navy if he is under weight? What does it take for him to walk again, and run, after polio in the Navy? To hunt down and trap a cougar that stalks kids at a school bus stop? To track an escaped killer with his man-trailing bloodhound? To face life-threatening blizzards? To swim rivers at ice flow, or be dropped on a rope across the Moyie Canyon to set a road survey point? Or to volunteer always for the toughest jobs?
Newsflashes from "The Cougar Bob Review," a twenty-year, mostly humorous, periodic two-page publication about the man, appear between the short stories in this AudioBook. In the "Review," author B. J. Campbell reveals the truth about her fervent, focused, brave husband, Cougar Bob.

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