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Acclaimed by successful screenwriters and authors, Invisible Ink is a helpful, accessible guide to the essential elements of the best storytelling. Brian McDonald, an award winning screenwriter who has taught his craft at several major studios, supplies writers with tools to make their work more effective and provides readers and audiences a deeper understanding of the storyteller's art. When people think of a screenplay, they usually think about dialogue-the "visible ink" that is readily accessible to the listener, reader, or viewer. But a successful screenplay needs Invisible Ink as well, the craft below the surface of words. Invisible Ink lays out the essential elements of screenplay structure, using vivid examples from famous moments in popular movies as well as from one of his own popular scripts. You will learn techniques for building a compelling story around a theme, making your writing engage audiences, creating appealing characters, and much more. Praise for Invisible Ink: "...If I manage to reach the summit of my next story it will be in no small part due to having read Invisible Ink." -Andrew Stanton (cowriter Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., and cowriter/director Finding Nemo and WALL-E) "...Brian McDonald uses his deep understanding of story and character to pass on essential truths about dramatic writing. Ignore him at your peril." -Jim Taylor (Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Sideways and Election) "... I recommend this fine handbook on craft to any writer, apprentice or professional, working in any genre or form." -Dr. Charles Johnson (National Book Award-winning author of Middle Passage) "If you want to write scripts, listen to Brian. The guy knows what he's talking about." -Paul Feig (creator of NBC's Freaks and Geeks, co-executive producer The Office) "With Invisible Ink Brian McDonald has written us a book to keep and heed forever because through the simple, graceful, graspable, original wisdom of it, we might just save our screenwriting lives." -Stewart Stern (Screenwriter of Rebel Without a Cause)

The Katar Legacy by Tobin Loshento

The five families of Katar have ruled The Cites for thousands of years. Disobedience is punishable by the complete draining of all ka, a person's life force, leading to true death.

When the Tarth, daemons of legend that the Katar banished five thousand years ago, return, the rebellion sees a chance to divide the Katar and break their rule forever. To accomplish this they need the help of the dying races, a thief, and one of the Katar.

Failure is not an option, but success could mean the destruction of all mankind by the Tarth in the wake of a weakened Katar.

A rare RECOMMENDED from U.S. Review Of Books:

"This story quickly involves readers in the details of the main character's life, making this book difficult to put down for any length of time. Before the reader is aware that this story does not take place on a familiar Earth, they have fully bought into the world created, accepting the reality of the five moons and the concept that there are multiple humanoid species co-existing in relative peace within a limited geographical space known collectively as The Cities. As Tsom makes his way through the festival crowds plying his preferred trade to great success, he suddenly discovers he has acquired much more than he bargained for. The young thief from the docks finds himself in a race for his life that whisks him into the center of a battle he's been running from since the day his parents were killed.

"Well-written with a number of plot twists and multiple interesting characters thrown into the mix, Loshento delivers an enjoyable adventure that will leave readers waiting impatiently for more. Enemies turn out to be friends, friends may not be trusted, and it is never clear which side will win. Unafraid to maim or murder main characters, the reader is constantly concerned about who will be targeted next and whether they will achieve some form of miraculous rescue, transformation, or are simply and entirely gone. Mixing gods and mortals, magic and science, and never allowing anyone to be entirely good or evil, including gods, the story continues to surprise and entice from various angles.

"The story flows at a comfortable rate, never bogging down too much with details but providing enough details to create a very rich and vibrant world. There is some action and violence depicted, but any details that might bother a sensitive reader are easily skipped without losing meaning. Even so, no details are provided that seem gratuitous, simply for the shock factor. Instead, they are clearly creating a sense of the mindset and personality of the individual committing each act or to clearly convey the hardships of the victim.

"Some readers may be disappointed by the end of the story, but only because there aren't more pages to read just yet. This is definitely one of those stories that will have readers anxiously awaiting the sequel."


Night of the Long Knives

Ray and Alice are Deathland Buggers: the ones who, after the destruction of the world, found it impossible to interact with others, and became a race of wandering murderers. Far from being a conscious choice, however, Buggers simply can't control their inborn urge to murder, so they usually travel solo.  When Alice and Ray inadvertantly stumble across one another in the Deathlands, they must decide whether to give into their urge to murder one another or not. Their dance of death is interrupted--first by a strange plane, appearing from the middle of nowhere, then by a chatty, congenial stranger named Pop who also appears from nowhere. Together, the three of them embark on a journey to escape from the Deathlands that has completely unintended consequences.

Scales by Acacia Awai
Vivian Blue had always been a little different. She had no idea how different until Hatch Lancaster, a wealthy, handsome, and mysterious man, enters her life on a secret mission. Within a short time, Hatch becomes her boss, her friend, and the man who haunts her heart and her dreams. With Hatch's help, Blue begins to uncover truths about herself and her past, and soon discovers that nothing in her life is as it appears to be.
Surrounded by subterfuge and unidentified danger, Blue is left with Hatch as her only protection and defense. As she turns to Hatch for protection, however, she begins to wonder whether the danger comes from the secrets in her past or from Hatch himself. A truly powerful dragon, Hatch is torn between his growing attraction to Blue, his responsibilities to his homeland, and perhaps most importantly, the future of dragonkind. 
The debut novel by author Acaica Awai, Scales is a new and modern take on the legend of dragons and dragonkind, reinventing the mythology surrounding these fantastic creatures.  Set against the backdrop of beautiful Maui, Hawaii, Scales introduces readers to a new world of adventure, excitement, and romance.
Tom Sawyer Abroad by Mark Twain

Not satisifed simply reliving his adventures down the river with Huck and Jim, Tom Sawyer finds himself thirsting once again for adventure and excitement. So, when Tom, Huck, and Jim find themselves unwitting passengers aboard a hot-air balloon set to circumnavigate the world, Tom takes the opportunity to bask in the excitement of unplanned world travel. Throughout their travels across the ocean, through the deserts of Africa, and even a visit to the Sphinx, Tom, Huck, and Jim experience the wider world through the colorful lenses of Mark Twain's most enduring characters.

This lesser-known third novella of Twain's Tom and Huck Series is a delightful, if unusual, addition to the cannon. Told in Twain's inimitable style, Tom Sawyer Abroad picks up where The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn left off, and takes you in an entirely different direction.

Tom Sawyer, Detective by Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are saved from a crippling bout of spring fever when Aunt Sally writes and asks them to come to visit the family in Arkansas. As they set out on the steamboat downriver, though, Tom and Huck find themselves in yet another whirlwind adventure tracking down criminals and stolen diamonds, all to save the life of their beloved Uncle Silas.

The final Tom and Huck novella that Mark Twain completed before his death, Tom Sawyer, Detective is a fast-paced mystery, full of the wry humor and wit for which Twain is noted.