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Financial Mistakes of New College Grads

The rules and strategies to win the financial game of life are not taught in the classroom, nor are you magically gifted with them when you graduated.  HR is not going to give you a secret file on your first day, and your parents probably can’t tell you what to do financially either.  “Financial Mistakes of New College Grads” is intended to give the average grad an above average chance of financial success by handing you the rules and strategies needed to be financially successful.  You can chose to try to figure it out yourself, or you can follow the lighthearted and entertaining advice presented here.

“Simple, practical advice for the rest of us.”  JAM

“Whether you graduated cum laude or just made it by, you need to hear this!” RJF

Joe Templin has more degrees than a thermometer and is the Head Geek of the Unique Minds Consulting Group, LLC.  He is certified as both a genius and brain damaged.

Kevin Readdean has the voice of a superhero and is recognized for his Public Service Announcements.