Didn't you guys used to Distribute and Produce titles for independent authors?

Yes, we did.

When Open Book Audio began operations in 2009, we did so with the original intention of providing audiobook production and distribution services to independent authors and small publishing houses that did not have the number of titles, the technical expertise, or the desire to manage the production and distribution themselves.  While this business model was highly successful (in that it was a service that was desperately needed in the market at the time,) it was a very low-margin business for us, and required more work that our small company was able to dedicate.  We wrote a blog post about it here:  http://openbookaudio.com/blog/2013-06-06/change-coming.

Starting in June 2013, we made a pivot on our business model, and stopped accepting submissions of outside titles for production and distribution, choose to focus instead on our own internally-produced titles and on our relationships with our existing publishing clients.  We may, at some point, choose to re-open our distribution services to the public, but have no immediately plans to do so.