Record An Audiobook


At Open Book Audio, we want to tell your story the way YOU want it to be told. That's why we use premiere voice talent coupled with extensive technical expertise to turn your book into an amazing audiobook.


Finding the right voice for your audiobook can be one of the most challenging and difficult parts of the audiobook production process.  Narrating a book well is not easy, and shouldn't be undertaken by an inexperienced narrator or director. We maintain relationships with experienced and skilled audiobook narrators across a wide variety of voice styles and types.  And if we don't have the voice you're looking for, we can find it for you.  Don't let a bad performance sink your audiobook.


Open Book Audio employs professional recording facilities complete with multi-channel, non-destructive recording capabilities using the some of the best equipment in the industry. We use only top-notch microphones, software, and outboard gear to capture each performance. Plus, we have the ability to deliver your final audiobook to you digitally for that hint of instant gratification.


After recording your book, we will help you get your newly minted audio-goodness out to the iTunes and Audibles of the world. We will format and convert your audio book into whatever format the online stores need so that you never have to worry about compatibility or technical mumbo jumbo. Just sit back and watch the downloads roll in. You would prefer CDs? We can master those for you as well.


Let’s face it, recording an audiobook can be extremely expensive. You have to pay the narrator, the studio, the composers, and depending on the final need of the project, even the engineers who will master and format it for you. At Open Book Audio, we take all of those tasks and roll them into a flat fee based on the final length of your audiobook. 

By utilizing narrators across the country that we know and trust, our own in-house studio facilities, and a lot of hard-earned know-how, we can produce your audiobook at a fraction of what it would cost to hire producers, directors, studios, narrators, and composers to do it for you. Sure, you could do it on your own, but why not lean on our years of professional experience to ensure you get the product you really want?

And, if you also agree to have Open Book Audio distribute your audiobook as well, we provide a significant discount to the final bill for your audiobook project.


Ever listened to an audiobook with a musical introduction or interlude between chapters and thought that your story would sound good with a little accompaniment? We can compose musical intros, outros, and bumpers just for your book. Our talented house musicians have an array of live and sampled instruments at their disposal and can write something that's just right for the mood of your story.


Open Book Audio has been around for several years, and they know how to craft a good story. After all, they've spent their careers bringing good stories to life. So, if you're having trouble with a particular point in your novel, Open Book Audio can help you craft a solution for an additional fee. Got a 250,000 word novel, but only a budget for a 75,000 word audiobook? We can even help you translate your work into an abridged audiobook that stays true to your original vision.


When a producer is assigned to your project he or she has one goal: to make sure that we do your story justice. From shaping the reader's performance, clarifying those hard-to-pronounce names, and otherwise managing your project, our producers work hard to make sure that your story sounds the best it can. The reasoning is simple: If your book sounds good, we sound good. And to quote a certain domestic maven, "That's a good thing."


Open Book Audio does more than just churn out audiobooks. When we work on your project, we want to help you succeed. So, we've set up a few things to get your ball rolling. We have a widely read blog, a Twitter Feed, and a Facebook Fan Page on which we will gladly announce your new audiobook release. Our popular Open Book Audio Podcast (nominated for the 2012 Podcast awards in the cultural arts category) gives you an opportunity to send a sample of your audiobook to our loyal customer base and drive traffic to your website. If your audiobook is successful, then we have done our job.


Got a great audiobook but don't know how to get it in front of an audience? Open Book Audio can help. With our top-notch distribution services, we'll work with you to get your audiobook available in digital format through some of the world's biggest digital retailers of audiobooks. You don't need to worry about shipping, formatting, or tracking sales. We'll do it all for you.


Interested in learning more about Open Book Audio's production services?  Fill out our no-obligation estimate request form to learn what it would cost to have Open Book Audio bring your title to life in audio.