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Podcast - 15 Mar 2012



Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Open Book Audio:

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Audiobook Club Selection for March & April

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You can join us for our discussion of A Pleasure to Burn by Ray Bradbury here.

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Podcast - 9 Feb 2012


Audiobook Club Selection

What We've Been Reading

Audiobook Sample

Our audiobook sample for this show is Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic by Ahnalira Koan.  

“When I died,” Ahnalira Koan begins…a head-on automobile accident and a near-death experience that resulted in the onset of type 1 diabetes, her life took a turn she didn’t expect.  Amid the struggles to assimilate her health changes, she found herself on a journey of awakening.  Transforming her personal tragedy into opportunity, Ahnalira learned how to embrace her fear of the “dragon within” and make it into, not only a friend, but a teacher as well. All of us are evolving, and the more consciousness we can bring to the process, the more we can expand, explains Koan in her groundbreaking new book. Filled with techniques and tips to help readers navigate any challenges that come their way, Care and Feeding of Dragons shows that all the answers needed are within reach. Using her background in Jungian psychology, Law of Attraction, and personal experience, Koan guides readers on a playful and engaging journey to becoming the best version of themselves possible. Ask for what you want. Learn to align all the parts of yourself - including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - and you can live a fulfilling life.


Beautifully written and filled with wit and warmth, Care and Feeding of Dragons shows you the deeper meaning behind the Law of Attraction. Deal with personality patterns that are not serving you. Figure out the patterns that are calling to “be made right”—and learn to listen to and tend your dragons instead of fighting them.


Whether you’re diabetic or you’re dealing with relationship or financial problems… or you are on a spiritual quest to awaken Consciousness, Care and Feeding of Dragons can jumpstart a new way of thinking to awaken greater possibilities.  Life will always guide us to be the best we can be if we are willing to embrace the journey. Beautifully written and playfully presented, Care and Feeding of Dragons offers a guide to empowering yourself and realizing your full potential.


The audio version of the book includes two sample meditations which utilize the author's techniques.


This book is currently available from Audible, iTunes,, and  Find more links here:

Podcast - 10 Jan 2012

Welcome to 2012.  We hope it will be a wonderful year for you and yours!


Brilliance Audio will no longer be selling titles to libraries for lending through services such as Overdrive.

Audiobook Club Selection

Our selection for January and February is The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino and read by David Pittu.  Make sure to join the conversation here.

What We've Been Reading

Andrew took a break in December
Matt has been reading The Game of Thrones, A Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin and read by Roy Dottrice - He's not finished yet, so he is withholding a rating, but it's not going particularly well at the moment.

Audiobook Sample

January's Audiobook Sample is the first New York Times Bestseller we've had in the Open Book Audio catalog.  It is from The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream by Gary Shapiro, the president of the Consumer Electronics Association.  You can find more about the book, including links to where it can be purchased here.

Audiobook Club Selection - 10 Jan 2012

Yasuko Hanaoka is a divorced, single mother who thought she had finally escaped her abusive ex-husband Togashi. When he shows up one day to extort money from her, threatening both her and her teenaged daughter Misato, the situation quickly escalates into violence and Togashi ends up dead on her apartment floor. Overhearing the commotion, Yasuko’s next door neighbor, middle-aged high school mathematics teacher Ishigami, offers his help, disposing not only of the body but plotting the cover-up step-by-step.

When the body turns up and is identified, Detective Kusanagi draws the case and Yasuko comes under suspicion. Kusanagi is unable to find any obvious holes in Yasuko’s manufactured alibi and yet is still sure that there’s something wrong. Kusanagi brings in Dr. Manabu Yukawa, a physicist and college friend who frequently consults with the police. Yukawa, known to the police by the nickname Professor Galileo, went to college with Ishigami. After meeting up with him again, Yukawa is convinced that Ishigami had something to do with the murder. What ensues is a high level battle of wits, as Ishigami tries to protect Yasuko by outmaneuvering and outthinking Yukawa, who faces his most clever and determined opponent yet.

Make sure to join in the conversation by posting your thoughts on the book here on this page in the comments, or send them to us to discuss on the podcast.  We'll discuss this book on the March podcast, so send in your thoughts by the last day of February.

Podcast - 12 Dec 2011

Andrew got a new microphone for the podcast, and is still learning how to work it.  So, apologies for the prounounced poximity effect of this month's podcast.  It'll get better in January!



We discussed our book club selection for Oct, Nov, and Dec, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon, read by Jeff Woodman.  Andrew and Matt both gave it a 9 out of 10.


Andrew's been continuing on with the Tobolowsky Files
Matt has listened to Happy Accidents, written and read by Jane Lynch - 4 out of 10


This podcast also contained a sample of our newest book in the catalog, Night of the Long Knives by Fritz Leiber and read by our own Matt Armstrong
Podcast - 13 Nov 2011

Andrew joins us on the phone for this podcast.

Audible has announced the launch of Neil Gaiman Presents

Matt and Andrew answer Beverly's question, and talk about recording equipment.

Andrew has been listening to the Tobolowsky Files (at Matt's suggestion) and loves the podcast.

Matt listened to ​Songmaster by Orson Scott Card and read by Stefan Rudnicki.  8 out of 10.

A reminder to join us for the audiobook club selection for October and November, ​The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon and read by Jeff Woodman.  Listen to the book and then join us on the discussion page to share your own review.

We got a sample of Aaron D. Cushman's ​A Passion for Winning​ as read by Bruce Horlick.  You can find more information on the book here.

Titles discussed in this month's podcast


Podcast - 7 Nov 2011

Apologies for the repost of podcast #41.  In the process of moving over to the new website platform, the most recent podcast and its associated show notes disappeared.  SO, here's the podcast again (without the shownotes) and we'll be back to normal with show #42.

Audiobook Club Selection - 6 Nov 2011

Christopher John Francis Boone knows all the countries of the world and their capitals and every prime number up to 7,057. He relates well to animals but has no understanding of human emotions. He cannot stand to be touched. Although gifted with a superbly logical brain, Christopher is autistic. Everyday interactions and admonishments have little meaning for him. Routine, order and predictability shelter him from the messy, wider world. Then, at fifteen, Christopher’s carefully constructed world falls apart when he finds his neighbor’s dog, Wellington, impaled on a garden fork, and he is initially blamed for the killing.

Christopher decides that he will track down the real killer and turns to his favorite fictional character, the impeccably logical Sherlock Holmes, for inspiration. But the investigation leads him down some unexpected paths and ultimately brings him face to face with the dissolution of his parents’ marriage. As he tries to deal with the crisis within his own family, we are drawn into the workings of Christopher’s mind.

And herein lies the key to the brilliance of Mark Haddon’s choice of narrator: The most wrenching of emotional moments are chronicled by a boy who cannot fathom emotion. The effect is dazzling, making for a novel that is deeply funny, poignant, and fascinating in its portrayal of a person whose curse and blessing is a mind that perceives the world literally.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is one of the freshest debuts in years: a comedy, a heartbreaker, a mystery story, a novel of exceptional literary merit that is great fun to read. (from the synopsis)


If you'd like to join us for the audiobook club, listen to the audiobook, then come back to this page to leave your comments or thoughts on the book (warning...don't read the comments if you're not into spoilers!).  You can also send us your thoughts by using the "Contact Us" link above, or by emailing your review to info (at) openbookaudio dot com. We will discuss the book on the December Podcast, so make sure to have your entries to us by no later than Dec 1 if you want to be added to the discussion.

Blog Entry - 9 Oct 2011
Hey, Where Did the Store Go?
Audiobook Club Selection for -: Hey, Where Did the Store Go?

If you're a regular visitor to the site, you may be wondering where the Open Book Audio store went.  You may have missed our post a while back, but in case you did, Open Book Audio has decided that we're closing our online store in order to focus our efforts more on getting our titles out there through much more established retailers.

Having recently inked a distribution deal with Audible (and through extension with them, iTunes), we are very excited about the future prospects of our distribution business, and running a small one-off store was just a distraction from that.

If you have purchase Open Book Audio titles through us in the past, we will continue to support your purchases.  You can alwasy reach us with questions or concerns by reaching us using our contact page above.  Also, with the launch of our newly-redesigned website, we've made it much easier for you to find ways to buy our books through the retailers that carry Open Book Audio products.  Just visit our products page, and you'll be able to find links to Audible, iTunes, Ambling Books, and Learn Out Loud, with even more coming soon.

Audiobook Club Selection - 9 Oct 2011

Open Book Audio's Book Club Selection for July, August, and September will be  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, written and read by Amy Chua

From An awe-inspiring, often hilarious, and unerringly honest story of one mother's exercise in extreme parenting, revealing the rewards - and the costs - of raising her children the Chinese way.

All decent parents want to do what's best for their children. What Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother reveals is that the Chinese just have a totally different idea of how to do that. Western parents try to respect their children's individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions and providing a nurturing environment. The Chinese believe that the best way to protect your children is by preparing them for the future and arming them with skills, strong work habits, and inner confidence. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother chronicles Chua's iron-willed decision to raise her daughters, Sophia and Lulu, her way - the Chinese way - and the remarkable results her choice inspires.

The truth is Lulu and Sophia would never have had time for a playdate. They were too busy practicing their instruments (two to three hours a day and double sessions on the weekend) and perfecting their Mandarin. Of course no one is perfect, including Chua herself. Witness this scene: "According to Sophia, here are three things I actually said to her at the piano as I supervised her practicing: 1. Oh my God, you're just getting worse and worse. 2. I'm going to count to three, then I want musicality. 3. If the next time's not PERFECT, I'm going to take all your stuffed animals and burn them!"

But Chua demands as much of herself as she does of her daughters. And in her sacrifices - the exacting attention spent studying her daughters' performances, the office hours lost shuttling the girls to lessons - the depth of her love for her children becomes clear.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is an eye-opening exploration of the differences in Eastern and Western parenting - and the lessons parents and children everywhere teach one another.

If you'd like to join us for the audiobook club, listen to the audiobook, then come back to this page to leave your comments or thoughts on the book (warning...don't read the comments if you're not into spoilers!).  You can also send us your thoughts by using the "Contact Us" link above, or by emailing your review to info (at) openbookaudio dot com. We will discuss the book on the October Podcast, so make sure to have your entries to us by no later than Oct 1 if you want to be added to the discussion.


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