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Podcast - 11 Mar 2013

This month's podcast features Heroin's Puppet: The Rehab Journals of Amelia F.W. Caruso (1989-2009) by Melissa M. Weiksnar.  For more information about this title, please visit the title listing page at ​


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Podcast - 28 Feb 2013

This month's halfcast features No More Dating Pigs, written and read by Norah Marler.  For more information about this title, visit the title listing page at

Norah Marler's heartfelt rallying cry, No More Dating Pigs: You Are What You Date, is a fun, self-help dating guide for single women of every age. Inspired by the appalling, yet typical, real-life dating experiences of the author and her sisterhood, the handbook puts a name to tell-tale signs of "Pigs."

These warning signs will resonate with women everywhere. The author first characterizes the disorder. Readers will quickly grasp the Dating Don'ts, Foolish Patterns, and Red Flag Warnings that always result in bad relationships and heartbreak. The author delivers practical strategies to resist the pitfalls of "animal husbandry." Backed up by advice and examples, No More Dating Pigs will put women on the road to true love.

Despite innumerable books on how to succeed in the dating market, men who act like Pigs proliferate. Even the shrewdest women have inadvertently stumbled into a Pig sty. It's almost inevitable--Pigs are everywhere. No Matter how much advice women heed on "getting a good man"--advice such as wearing skirts not pants, being coy, and feigning unavailability--Pigs persist. Pigs are smart, they're opportunistic, they're greedy and they only care about themselves.

Yet dating guides, which typically put the burden of change on women, haven't yet dealt with the real problem: the Pigs. Existing dating guides, often written by men, rarely ask men to change. It's all up to women. Following their advice might get a girl noticed and even a date; what women may not get is companionship or thoughtful connection, much less respect or marriage, if that's what they're after. If women aren't getting what they desire, the existing dating guides aren't working. Norah Marler knows it. We all know it. And the solution is easy: First learn to spot Pigs, and then stay away from them. Stop inviting Pigs into your blankets!

Podcast - 24 Feb 2013

Featured Title:

Pulchritude by Anna Mardoll


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Podcast - 30 Jan 2013

This month's halfcast features Deer Run Trail, written and read by David R. Lewis.  For more information about this title, visit the title listing page at

Podcast - 16 Jan 2013

Featured Title:

I Remember Me by Carl Reiner

I Remember Me by Carl Reiner


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Blog Entry - 19 Dec 2012
New Release: I Remember Me by Carl Reiner
Audiobook Club Selection for -: New Release: I Remember Me by Carl Reiner

Here at Open Book Audio, we're passionate about great audiobooks. And we've got a great one to share with you today. 

About a month ago, we were contacted by the legendary Carl Reiner to help him publish the audiobook version of his upcoming memoir, I Remember Me. This memoir, a reflection on Carl's career in Hollywood, is one of his funniest and most personal titles yet. And we couldn't be more excited to work with him on publishing this book.

Now, obviously we're biased, but the audiobook is read by Carl himself which makes it, in my opnion, the preferred format to read the book. After all, what's better than reading great stories? Having a great storyteller tell you his own stories in his own voice. The audiobook really is a lot of fun and it's got great stories from Carl as he reflects on his time with Mel Brooks, Billy Crystal, George Clooney and others during his storied career. 

And, as a great side note, Carl will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno TONIGHT to talk about the book. So be sure to tune in to hear him share a couple of stories from the book. Check your local listings for times.

The audiobook is available for purchase from Audible here. Better yet, it's on sale for the holidays so be sure to pick up your copy now.

Happy listening!

Podcast - 16 Dec 2012

This month's half podcast features Tom Sawyer Abroad by Mark Twain, and read by Matt Armstrong.  Go here to find out more about the title and where to buy it:

Final call for suggestion for a better name than the "Half Podcast."  Suggestions need to be submitted to us no later than December 20th.  The winner will get 3 free titles of their choice from
Podcast - 28 Nov 2012

Featured Title:

Fallacy 1: Rewritten by Morgan Bauman and narrated by Alexis O'Donahue



  • The Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer that's great for visually impaired (or technologically challenged) users to listen to audiobooks. 

Narrator Tips

Check out Matt's video primer on microphones for audiobook voiceovers.

What We've Been Reading

Podcast - 13 Nov 2012

This month's half podcast features Into Africa, written and read by Sam Manicom. Go here to find out more about the title and where to buy it.

Into Africa by Sam Manicom
And don't forget, we're still looking for a better name than the "half-podcast." Send us the name we end up using for these podcasts, and we'll give away three free audiobooks from
Podcast - 30 Oct 2012

This podcast's sample is The All-American Boys, written and read by Walter Cunningham.

(Click on this link to see all the stores through which this title is currently sold).

The All-American Boys is a no-holds-barred candid memoir by a former Marine jet jockey and physicist who became NASA's second civilian astronaut. Walter Cunningham presents the astronauts in all their strengths and their weaknesses in this dramatically revised and totally updated edition of a book that was considered an instant classic in its first edition over two decades ago. From its insider's view of the pervasive "astropolitics" that guided the functioning of the astronaut corps to its thoughtful discussion of the Columbia tragedy, The All-American Boys resonates with Cunningham's passion for humanity's destiny in space which endures today. This is not just a "tell-all" book. It is also a story of the triumph of American heroes. Cunningham brings us into the NASA training program and reveals what it takes physically and mentally to be an astronaut. He poignantly relates the story of the devastating Apollo 1 fire that took the lives of astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee and his own later successful flight on Apollo 7. This new edition includes an update of the manned space program and his "tell it like it is" observation of NASA's successes and failures. It also includes commentary on the Shuttle disasters Of Challenger and Columbia and his views on what NASA should be doing to get back on track and to regain public support

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Blog Post: Why authors should (almost) never read their own audiobooks



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