Barnes & Noble to Remove Audiobooks

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Hey all, Matt here from Open Book Audio with a bit of sad news.

US Book Retailer Barnes & Noble recently announced that, as of July 1st, 2014, they will no longer be offering digital audiobooks for download, and encourage customers who have purchased titles from them to download backup copies of those titles prior to July 1st. 

Barnes & Noble's digital audiobook offerings were provided via Overdrive, the same distribution system that provides audiobooks to tens of thousands of libraries worldwide, as well as dozens of retailers. Open Book Audio distributes our entire catalog through the Overdrive system, and as a result, our titles are among those that Barnes & Noble will be removing from availability. Along those lines, we have pulled the links to the Barnes & Noble listings from our catalog, and updated our website to indicate the Barnes & Noble is no longer one of the retailers carrying our title.  

Please note that, if you purchased any Open Book Audio titles from Barnes & Noble over the last several years, when B&N pulls down their audiobook titles, you will no longer be able to download those titles. Nor is Open Book Audio able to provide you access to the title you purchased via another retailer. Therefore, it is important that, if you wish to keep a copy of the audiobook title you downloaded from Barnes & Noble, you download and back up a copy of that audiobook title prior to July 1, 2014.

All Open Book Audio titles will continue to be available via other retailers and libraries worldwide via the Overdrive network. These retailers include Books-a-Million and Waterstones. In addition, our catalog will continue to be available in all of the other retail outlets that they have always been. In addition, we will be announcing new retail outlets shortly.

We will also be keeping an eye on what happens with our friends over at Barnes & Noble. Some announcements surrounding this change indicate that B&N will not be abandoning digital audiobooks entirely, but that they are investigating other methods of providing digital audiobooks that will perform in a more streamlined manner and/or may integrate more seamlessly with their Nook ecosystem.  We'll be sure to keep an eye on things and let you know if anything changes with B&N's audiobook offerings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!