A Discovery of Finger Lakes Wine History & Villa Bellangelo Winery


A Sense of Place: A Discovery of Finger Lakes Wine History, and Villa Bellangelo Winery is primarily a tasting journal, but it also serves another role. The book provides readers with a short primer on the history of wine grape cultivation in the Finger Lakes, and how a geologically significant location blossomed into one of America's most important and fastest growing wine regions, particularly for Riesling. Next, the book looks at Villa Bellangelo, a winery located on Seneca Lake owned by the author's family, and expounds on the rich history of the site where the winery is located today, and the 1866 Vineyards that still remain. Finally, a brief introduction to wine tasting helps the novice taster approach wine simply and easily.  A Sense of Place is the perfect listening companion as you drive around the Finger Lakes, visiting Villa Bellangelo and many other fine wineries.

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