Two ancient souls are connected by a promised love, their destinies placing the fate of the world in their hands. Borne through the ages by tortured longing, their paths yet cross at the dawn of a terrifying new age. For thousands of years, the Dark Lord has been devising a plan to reawaken the God of War. With the God of War's power he intends to cleanse the plunging it into darkness. The only hope for humankind is the love of Kendrick and Princess Natalia, a love that has endured the test of time. They must fight an evil that has resurfaced to threaten the world...and threaten their life together. The epic battle between good and evil, set against the backdrop of Kendrick and Natalia's story of enduring love, climaxes in a confrontation that could change the world forever. This bold story from emerging author K.T. Tran sets an exciting pace, blending ancient lore with modern settings in a story that establishes him as a fascinating new author. Follow the storyline through "Kendrick and Sara of Draconia," and follow his career as this talented new voice builds a following.

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