Friday, March 6th 1953 through Wednesday, April 15th 1953; Saturday, October 4th 1952 through Thursday, October 9th 1952



Welcome to 1953, where "superheroes" are treated as vigilantes, P.I.s, bail bondsmen, and bounty hunters as a means to supplement law enforcement. Though not completely accepted by the populace, their presence is welcomed when law enforcement is overwhelmed, or when law enforcement itself is the problem. John Rocket takes you through the lives of Clarence Fairbanks, his wife Shirley, and his niece Mildred, as you explore an alternate reality of superheroes and science fantasy set in Colorado's past.
This novel is written for those of all walks of life (from 16 to 70) who enjoy historical based fiction; and while it does involve some superheroism, it is about the lives of people who live in such a world, and not 'cliched superhero antics'. I sincerely hope you enjoy this novel! - Kevin Conner
Editor's note: This novel may be unfit for those under the age of 16, as it contains some harsh language and emotional situations.

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