Collected Writings on Story Structure, Filmmaking, and Craftsmanship




Ink Spots is a collection of brief but powerful essays on writing, story structure and filmmaking by award winning writer/director/producer Brian McDonald. With inspiring wit and wisdom he will not only teach you how to be a better writer, but a more observant person and a better student in any field. You’ll find yourself uncontrollably thinking deep thoughts about writing, film or anything else you are passionate about in life. Foreword by Glen Keane. 

"Listen to Brian, he has the unique ability to articulate what makes good writing." – Al Higgins, Writer "News Radio", "Malcolm in the Middle" and "Mike & Molly" 

“If you don't already have a mentor, here's one you'll love, in portable form.” -- Steve Englehart novelist and writer of classic versions of dozen of comics series such as Batman and The Avengers 

"Brian's book is filled with insightful and useful gems for writers of any experience level. The only reason you'll want to put it down is to go start writing yourself." -- J. Elvis Weinstein writer/producer "Freaks and Geeks", "Mystery Science Theater 3000", "Cinematic Titanic" 

"Brian writes in clear, readily usable ways to improve your screenwriting. Like time-release story capsules they ignite and helped me over many movies and countless story bends. Give him a read, take a couple and repeat as needed." -- Ronnie del Carmen, story supervisor on UP and Finding Nemo, director and writer at Pixar Animation Studios. 

"I use Brian McDonald's books in my classes because I'm a student of his work. All teachers are students all the time. Brian hasn't forgotten that he occupies both a seat in the classroom and the spot in front of the classroom." -- Shawn Wong Professor, Department of English University of Washington

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