A Guy's Guide to Breakin' Up and Movin' On




Your partner's left you. Your world's been turned upside down. You're no longer part of a couple; you're no longer part of anything. But the worst part… The worst part... Is that you feel like you didn't get a say in what your life's become, and your mind keeps tripping up on things you'd prefer not to contemplate.
If you wish you didn't have to be alone with your thoughts right now – if you wish you didn't have to be alone with you, right now – this guy's guide to breakin' up and movin' on has your name written all over it.
Think of it as a GPS that will steer you off that same old two-way street of sharing and compromise, and have you cruisin' along on your very own, single lane interstate that leads towards the guy you've always wanted to become.
Somewhere down the road, there will be plenty of opportunities for looking back. On this stretch of your journey, however, all you need to do is keep your hands on the wheel and set your sight on the road in front of you. So just turn on the stereo and, for the next few miles, look into another guy's rearview mirror. His hindsight may be invaluable.
Things don't have to be as bad as they appear to be. And the stories you're about to hear aren't all that bad, either.

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