"The best little boy in the world…always topped his class, honored mom and dad, deferred to elders and excelled in sports…The best little boy in the world was…the model IBM exec…The best little boy in the world was a closet case who 'never read anything about homosexuality…John Reid comes out slowly, hilariously, brilliantly. One reads this utterly honest account with the shock of recognition” -  The New York Times

In his classic memoir, Andrew Tobias relates his experience as The Best Little Boy in the World: a boy who doesn’t eat his Halloween candy without permission, won’t rip the tag off his mattress because the tag says not to, and didn’t fart for the first time until he was eighteen years old.  Honest, funny, and insightful, Tobias (writing as John Reid) writes about his own journey coming out to--himself, to his friends, and to the world—and explores the fear, joy, excitement, mistakes, and inspirations he experienced along the way.

In this new audio performance of the 25th Anniversary Modern Library Edition of The Best Little Boy in the World, Tobias’ deeply personal journey still resonates today.

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