A Positive Affirmation a Day Drives The Blues Away!



Looking for a way to supercharge your day each day?  This audiobook provides you with 366 positive affirmations or nuggets that will help you focus on the positive, elevate your life and supercharge your day.  The affirmations cover a wide just about every category or topic – in a targeted manner to address every area of your life. Categories include Attitude, Abundance, Family, Goals, Health, Positivity, Self-Image, Success etc. The affirmations are bite-size presenting a booster-shot of energy that you can focus your thoughts on throughout the day. 

These affirmations will help you elevate your thoughts, renew your mind and help you live a more positive lifestyle.  You can think over or meditate on one each day – making it the theme of the day or for a couple days as you see fit. The affirmation will help you stay positive in a world where it’s easy to get caught in the daily rat race.  These affirmations are sure to help you jump start your life daily and live a more empowered and positive lifestyle.
Listening to or reading and meditation on a positive affirmation or thought each day and throughout the day will help you start and continue each day with a much more positive approach to life. The positive affirmations help you revisit your perspective and approach to life and renew your mind.  Thinking right will change your attitude, affecting your subconscious mind.  This will lead to a change in your habits, lifestyle, mental attitude / perspective, and reactions, and finally transform your entire lifestyle.  Our mind is one of the most powerful influences in our lives and this will help you set a positive course for your mind.   Meditating on these sentences is sure to help you adjust your attitude and reinforce your positive perspectives. 
We recommend you listen to a number of affirmations each day or several times or throughout the day for a quick boost or lift.  Stop several times a day for just 30 seconds and take a quick booster shot.  This will help completely root out wrong and destructive thinking patterns and establish / replace them with uplifting, energizing and empowering perspectives on life.  It is like taking medicine each and every day.
Give Yourself, Your Family and Friends the Priceless Gift of Positivity:  These affirmations are great because they help you build up and give the gift of positivity to yourself.  Focusing on the positive things in life truly lifts the spirit.
Life Changing:  These booster shots are sure to uplift and turbo-charge your life.  A comment from one of our users reads: “The use of these positive affirmations have helped me change my attitude and improved my entire life.”   
Replacing Negativity With Positivity:  The resources will help you renew your perspective.  By becoming familiar on a daily basis with a positive perspective, you will be increasingly aware of (and reject) all the negative words that you hear throughout the day.  You will find yourself replacing them verbally or quietly with positive affirmations.  Dwelling on and repeating these sentences are sure to help your attitude and reinforce your positive perspectives.
The audiobook is more than just a collection of affirmations.  It also includes 2 bonus features / chapters:  Firstly, a “How to Guide” that walks you through the process of using affirmations or making affirmations a part of your daily life.  Secondly, the author shares his personal journey with affirmations – the role that they play in his life, the limitations of affirmations and the need for going deeper - developing a relationship with God.
It has all you need to upgrade your life and live a more positive lifestyle.  

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